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When it comes to dependable locksmith solutions, Backus Lock-N-Key is the company of choice in Layton, UT. Learn more about the quality of our services by reading the lock and key service reviews of our previous clients. If you have comments and suggestions, send them to us. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
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Jamie, 9/5/2015
"Oh man, the customer service from these guys is incredible!!! I won't ever go elsewhere. And theother day Mr Backus himself came and saved my baby boy out of my locked car... He was there within a few shortminutes of my frantic phone call and opened the door right up, with a minimal fee for the job!!! Love these guys:)"
Highly Recommend by New Homeowner - 09/17/2015
"We had Backus come re-key our doors and install deadbolts after we moved into a new house. I was very impressed. Hewas prompt, the final cost matched the quote except it actually came in LOWER because his supplier has mislabeled thedead bolts it sent him. He installed them anyway and returned a week later to switch them out for the correct brand,giving us a discount for the trouble, which was really no trouble at all. He was pleasant, efficient, and I felt fairly dealtwith."
AWESOME by Bravo Arts Academy (Angy) - 09/02/2015
"This company is so fabulous. They do what they say, on time, pleasant. I really like how he listens to what I need and then gives me suggestions on to best make the lock work. I LOVE this company!"
Friendly and all about customer service by Winning me over - 01/02/2015
"My ignition switch, for some strange and unusual reason, would not turn over and the steering wheel was locked and would not come unlocked. I tried several times turning the steering wheel left and right, but it would not budge. I went online and searched for a lock-n-key establishment and came across Backus Lock-N-Key in Layton, UT. I called and explained my situation and the gentlemen that answered the phone, very polite, asked me to take the key into the shop before having him come out so as not to make unnecessary charges. Upon my arrival, I was welcomed and I mentioned my situation, and he immediately knew who I was. He took my key, made me a new one and recommended that I put a screwdriver in the new key hole, tap it with a hammer inside the ignition switch, and see if that would do the trick. The gentlemen didn't even charge me for making the key, and said to try it first before he would go out to see my car and put a new ignition switch which would be very expensive. I did as he recommended and it worked! Many businesses will charge for any little service and compromise their customer care and satisfaction. I felt that Backus Lock-N-Key really cared about my needs and really tried to help me save money rather than make unnecessary purchases, which was really something unique and rare these days from businesses. If you have any problems similar to mine or anything related withthe use of a key or lock, I strongly urge you to contact Backus Lock-N-Key and I assure you that you will be very welltaken care of. They won me over for their business and I will continue to remain a loyal customer for all my key and lockneeds. I could go to such places as Home Depot to get a key, but I would never get the same treatment or help as Ireceived from Backus Lock-N-Key."
Excellent Service, Excellent Price by Melissa - 06/25/2013
"Professional, quick and easy to work with. Didn't charge exorbitant fees. Coded my Expedition key onsite within hours ofmaking the call. Quoted me a price on the phone and that was the price he charged with no hidden fees or added charges. Will definately do business with Backus again (if needed of course)."
Honest! by Teresa - 01/26/2012
"My husband locked his keys in the car at the store - while it was running - I called several places and they were all unprofessional and not local. I found the number for Backus and made the call. He told me that my local police department would unlock the car for free. What type of business tells a way to say money!?! An honest one. If I ever need alocksmith in the future, Backus will be the ones I call. Thanks for saving me over $50!"
The best lock and key service around by S. Harrop - 09/12/2011
"Have used Backus lock & key for years. I will never go anywhere else."
Amazing Honesty by Melissa H. - 07/14/2011
"I called Backus because my husband unwittingly locked my keys in the car right before leaving for a long weekend. I was stuck with my two kids and no vehicle! The man who answered when I called told me that he would be happy to help butthat I should try my local police station first because they would often open cars for free. It turned out that he was right.Although I didn't end up using Backus's services, their honesty and helpfulness has guaranteed that I will in the future!"
Excellent Service - Right Price by Backus Raving Fan - 05/21/2010
"I went to the local box hardware store who could not help me. I called Backus Lock & Key after hours just to find out when the shop would be open. I was quite surprised to get a live person who told me the hours for the next day but offered to meet me to get me the parts for my door. He wanted to make sure my house was secure for the night."
Great choice! by Tonymac - 08/24/2009
"I don't feel safe. Badda-bing, badda-boom, he's in! This guy is great, professional, polite and personable. Reasonable prices, actually cheap when you got a lock you want picked."
Fast and great price! by problem solved - 04/15/2009
"I had two keys that needed to be cut and programmed for my new car. Not only did they do it for half the price of mostothers in the area, but they gave me a replacement key when one of mine broke during cutting. Will return in the future."
Great Service! by JRH, Kaysville - 01/09/2009
"Called for an estimate, got a great price and they were there in an hour. Finished the job quickly and correctly. Very happy, will use them again for sure. Give them a call. Ryne , Hazen Studios"
Fixed my ignition key when it was stuck by amorris - 10/22/2008
"He came within an hour like he promised and fixed my ignition and door keys, as well as fixing the deadbolt on my entry door. He also took the time to answer my questions and show me how the entry door keys and deadbolt work for futurereferences. Thanks!"
Excellent service! by cadence25 - 01/07/2008
"I called '24 hour all day locksmith services' in Clearfield, and it turned out to be some national company who contracts out locals. They said they would RUSH someone out as soon as possible (I locked my keys in my car with the car running). I waited for about an hour and got a call from a technician who said he was about 45 minutes out, and it would cost $65 to open up my old 92 Nissan Sentra. I cancelled the order on the spot and called Backus. The person I talked to at Backus charged me half of what the first company quoted, and came out less than half an hour after I made the call.Great customer service, fast, friendly, lowest price around. Would highly recommend."
Locksmith in Ogden and Layton area by AWB - 11/10/2007
"I was in Ogden Utah and locked out of my car, I called three other locksmiths and they could not or would not come out to open my car. I called USA and they wanted an outrageous price and locksmith would have to come out of Salt Lake City, Utah Backus Lock n Key stated he would be able to come within 30 minutes, but he not only called and comfirmed he would be their, but arrived within 15 minutes. Not only was he fast but gave me a senior discount, His price was also lower then the other Locksmiths I called. This Company knows it's stuff and should be rated better than the 5 star excellent rating"